•Must possess strong technical and ITHD process knowledge and must have essential skill such as Communication, Presentation, Management, Interpersonal and Problem Solving skills.

•Supervise and lead energetic teams comprising Call taking agents, build strong and diverse teams by actively managing talent, and supporting the performance and development of direct reports by:

1.Setting and communicating objectives and priorities and providing ongoing direction.

2.Completing all required performance documents and conducting associated performance discussions (performance agreement/objectives, mid-year review, year-end review) by required deadlines.

3.Providing ongoing performance feedback, coaching, training and development.

4.Taking appropriate performance improvement action or administering appropriate discipline when employees do not meet performance standards or expectations.

5.Motivating and assisting agents to keep them involved with work through providing timely recognition and regular one on one sessions.

6.Support the delivery of Customer Satisfaction rating through timely and accurate Customer Satisfaction survey administration and by managing customer escalations.

7.Monitoring and managing shift schedules, adherences, absences, tardy and attrition.

8.Weekly/Daily Reporting and review of performance with Managers


Perceptual and analytical thinking, interpersonal communication and strong leadership and project management skills. Superior customer care skills, interpersonal communications and excellent oral, written, typing and telephone skills. Strong interpersonal and customer service skills . Minimum education, BA/BS degree and equivalent work experience of5 to9 years technical help desk or similar experience.